Construction & Demolition

Construction site with cranes

Noise and vibration from construction and demolition activity is a temporary impact of development, but has the potential to cause significant disturbance, partly because of the open air nature of much of the work.  Redevelopment is often carried out in close proximity to existing premises, exacerbating the problems.

Much useful information on noise levels, prediction methods and assessment methodologies is contained in BS 5228 and BS 6472. Hepworth Acoustics has carried out many noise and vibration assessments for construction activities ranging in size from small residential developments to overground sections of Crossrail. This has dealt with all aspects from initial planning applications, through detailing construction details to carrying out compliance measurements and investigating noise complaints. In addition, we have carried out research work for Defra to document noise levels produced by current construction and demolition equipment. This data has been used in the latest version of BS 5228.

Our services in construction and demolition include:

  • Noise and vibration surveys for planning applications;
  • Predicting the potential noise impact of the construction works using noise mapping software;
  • Detailing noise mitigation measures;
  • Provision of comprehensive noise reports to support planning applications;
  • Expert witness services for planning appeals; and
  • Assessment of noise complaints and recommendations for remedial measures.

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