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Noise monitoring surveys are central to most of our work. To investigate complaints about noise pollution it is necessary to carry out a noise measurement survey. Also, having an understanding of the existing noise climate is vital in assessing any proposed noise generating development. Noise monitoring is often required to check compliance with noise limits specified in planning conditions.

We have a range of noise (and vibration) meters to provide monitoring capabilities. We have the capability to measure 'A-weighted' noise levels, octave and third octave band levels as well as carrying out narrow band frequency analysis. This allows us to carry out noise surveys to standards such as BS 4142, BS 5228, BS 6472, BS 7445, BS 8223, BB93, ETSU-R-97.

Noise surveys can be carried out over time periods varying from a few minutes to a number of days, depending on the type of noise source. If the survey is of an item of mechanical services plant that generates a continual steady noise, the necessary data can be obtained within a few minutes. For developments such as windfarms, it can be necessary to obtain noise data under different wind conditions, and this can require monitoring over a number of weeks.

We have also been involved in a number of large scale noise monitoring and noise data gathering exercises. This has included work for Defra on identifying noise levels from equipment used at mines, quarries and construction sites. This data has been incorporated into the latest version of BS 5228.

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