Vibration Monitoring

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A number of projects now require ground vibration assessments to be submitted with a planning application as well as a noise assessment. This is particularly the case for residential applications adjacent to railway lines; mines and quarry developments where blasting will be carried out; and construction projects with impact piling or other vibration generating operations.

For planning applications, reference is made to the National Planning Policy Framework and the associated Technical Guidance. Detailed guidance is provided in a number of British Standards including BS 6472, BS 5228, and BS 7385.

At Hepworth Acoustics, we have been involved in many vibration assessments for a wide variety of planning applications. Our expertise in this area allows us to provide a realistic assessment of what is acceptable for new developments and what mitigation measures are required to achieve this.

We can can provide the following services:

  • Vibration measurement surveys;
  • Consideration of vibration impact of development generated traffic;
  • Complaint investigation;
  • Vibration assessments to appropriate standards;
  • Recommendation of vibration control measures;
  • Vibration reports for planning applications;
  • Preparation of noise and vibration sections for Environmental Statements; and
  • Representation at planning appeals.

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