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Noise from commercial activities covers a wide range of sources. Hospitality businesses such as bars, restaurants and night clubs generate noise from people and music, but many other commercial developments require noise assessments, particularly at the planning stage.

Building services equipment and servicing vehicles often need to be assessed to determine that noise and vibration will not cause significant noise impact on existing noise sensitive premises.

Hepworth Acoustics has a long history of assessing noise and vibration from commercial activities, both for planning assessments and for ensuring compliance with lease requirements. We have carried out hundreds of noise assessments for commercial developments. These have addressed all aspects from initial planning applications, through to construction details, to carrying out compliance measurements and investigating noise complaints.

Our noise and vibration services are provided to all forms of commercial developers and operators and include:

  • Noise surveys for planning applications;
  • Assessing likely source noise levels for new or altered operations;
  • Predicting the potential noise impact of the proposed development;
  • Detailing noise mitigation measures;
  • Provision of comprehensive noise reports to support planning applications;
  • Expert witness services for planning appeals; and
  • Assessment of noise complaints and recommendations for remedial measures.

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