Factory scene showing heavy industry

Noise and vibration from industrial activities can impact both adjacent residents and employees. Industrial developments invariably require noise and vibration assessments at the planning stage.  BS 4142 assessments are often required where there are complaints regarding existing industrial noise sources.  These assessments require detailed measurements of existing noise environments and the noise emmissions from plant and machinery.

Industrial noise also has the capacity to cause noise induced hearing loss in employees.  The Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) impose requirements on employers to assess the noise exposure of staff and provide noise mitigation measures if noise levels are above certain levels.

We have carried out hundreds of assessments of industrial noise and vibration, both for planning assessments and for employee exposure assessments. We have assisted with the detailed mitigation measures, where necessary, to reduce noise to appropriate levels.

Our noise and vibration services include:

  • Noise surveys for planning applications;
  • Assessing employee noise exposure (Control of Noise at Work Assessment)
  • Predicting the potential noise impact of new developments;
  • Assessment of potential noise impact using relevant guidelines;
  • Design of noise mitigation measures;
  • Preparation of noise chapters for Environmental Statements;
  • Expert witness for planning appeals and court cases;
  • Noise monitoring to demonstrate compliance with planning conditions; and
  • Assessment of noise complaints and recommendations for remedial measures.

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