Five-a-side football scene

Noise from leisure activities covers a wide range of sources. Motor sports are obvious sources of noise, but less obvious leisure/sporting activities require noise assessments. We have carried out noise assessments for football stadia, gliding clubs, Zorbing sites, cinemas, five a side football pitches, markets, shooting ranges, open air concerts, and skate parks.

One complication is that there are few directly relevant standards for assessing noise from leisure activities. There is the Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control at Concerts that deals with noise from outdoor concerts, but few other leisure sources have directly relevant criteria. It is not just the noise from the activities that can require assessment, but also the noise vehicles taking people to and from the leisure site.

Hepworth Acoustics has a long history of assessing noise and vibration from leisure activities, particularly for bars, restaurants and clubs. We have carried out several hundred noise assessments for clients in the hospitality business. This has included dealing with all aspects from initial planning applications, through licensing to investigating noise complaints and staff noise exposure.

Our services are provided to all forms of leisure operators and include:

  • Noise surveys;
  • Assessing likely source noise levels for new or altered operations;
  • Predicting the potential noise impact of the proposed development;
  • Detailing noise mitigation measures;
  • Provision of comprehensive noise reports to support planning and licensing applications;
  • Expert witness services for planning and licensing hearings;
  • Assessment of noise complaints and recommendations for remedial measures; and
  • Noise at work assessments for employees.

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