Bar staff at work in restaurant

Entertainment activities such as bars, restaurants and night clubs can generate significant noise levels from music and people. This noise can be transmitted through building elements but also through other transmission paths such as ventilation ductwork and service risers.

Stringent noise conditions are often imposed by local authorities as part of the planning and licensing process, but it is also common to find noise limits imposed by developers in shell specifications for multi-use developments. We have a long history of assessing noise and vibration from entertainment activities. We are proud to have assisted some of the nation's foremost restaurateurs and promoters open new venues across the country.

Our services include:

  • Noise surveys for planning applications;
  • Assessing likely source noise levels for new or altered operations;
  • Predicting the potential noise impact of the proposed development;
  • Detailing noise mitigation measures;
  • Provision of comprehensive noise reports to support planning and licensing applications;
  • Expert witness services for planning and licensing hearings;
  • Assessment of noise complaints and recommendations for remedial measures; and
  • Noise at work assessments for employees.

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