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Modern developments have demanding requirements for building services. Ventilation and heating/cooling systems have the potential to cause noise issues within the building being served or at adjacent noise sensitive premises. The principles of noise control for building services are well understood, and noise data is available for most types of equipment. However, we are regularly commissioned to provide remedial advice that is necessary because noise and vibration issues have not been properly considered at the design and installation stages.

Noise from building services equipment is also usually one of the issues that local authorities focus on when granting planning permission for new developments. Often there are conditions imposed on planning consents relating to noise impact of proposed new plant.  We can assist by carrying out the following work:

  • Surveys of existing background noise levels;
  • Calculation of noise levels for the proposed installation;
  • Design of noise mitigation measures;
  • Inspection of works and commissioning surveys; and
  • Trouble shooting of existing problems.

Our building services experience covers most market sectors.

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