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Acoustic design is a key part of almost every acoustic consultancy project. After a noise survey has been carried out there's usually a need to design mitigation measures to solve a noise problem, or to prevent a future noise problem arising. For some types of buildings, acoustic design of room finishes is also necessary to enhance internal acoustics. Getting acoustic design wrong can mean either expensive over-provision, or costly remedial works, or ending up with rooms not fit for purpose.

Examples of acoustic design are:

  • Specification of noise barriers for new transportation schemes; 
  • Acoustic glazing and ventilation to control environmental noise in new residential developments;
  • Party wall and floor design in residential developments to minimise airborne and impact sound transmission;
  • Enhancement of building facades and attenuation of mechanical services plant to control impact from new commercial/industrial developments; and
  • Control of reverberation times in performance spaces to enhance music and speech intelligibility.

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