Hepworth Acoustics Team Appointed by DEFRA for World's Largest Noise Map Calculation

Hepworth Acoustics has been appointed by Defra to produce the world's largest noise map. The map will cover urban areas, major roads and major railways across the whole of England. Hepworth Acoustics will collaborate on this major project with long time partners AcusticaDARH2 and Stapelfeldt.

DEFRA Noise MappingThe project requires the calculation of noise levels for 24,000 km of major roads, 5,000 km of major railways and 65 urban areas. Using input data provided by Extrium, the calculated levels will be used to fulfil England's requirements for strategic noise mapping of roads and railways under the second round of the EU's Environmental Noise Directive.

Peter Hepworth, Managing Director at Hepworth Acoustics commented: "This is an exciting project because the results will be used not only to provide all of the road and railway noise data for the second stage of the EU Environmental Noise Directive for England but also to enable the social and health costs of road and rail traffic noise to be determined. We have calculated that there are about 950 million assessment locations to be processed, with up to 7 noise indices to be calculated for each location. This will be a major achievement to produce the world's largest noise map. We are very pleased to have pulled together a team of partners that we know and trust, that can meet the quality and timescale requirements."