Professional Practice Guidance (ProPG) – Planning and Noise: New Residential

Ever since PPG 24 Planning and Noise was repealed in 2012 with the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), there has been no objective policy guidance provided by the English government on noise aspects of new residential planning applications.  Noise is still clearly a material issue to be considered in planning, as highlighted by the requirements of paragraph 123 of the NPPF. However, no objective policy guidance on assessing potential noise impact at residential developments is provided in the NPPF or subsequent policy documents.

Employee ownership confirmed for Hepworth Acoustics


Contracts were signed on 30th June 2015 for the first stage in the conversion of Hepworth Acoustics to an employee owned company. The signing ceremony marked the acquisition of 55% of the shares in the company by the Employee Benefit Trust from the existing owners of the company, and followed a unanimous vote by the staff to proceed with the deal.

Hepworth Acoustics Appointed for Coronation Street Move to Salford Quays.

Hepworth Acoustics has been appointed by ITV as acoustic consultant for the move of Coronation Street and ITV offices to MediaCityUK in Salford Quays in 2012. 

BS5228 Updated, with Help from Hepworth Acoustics.

The final report on a significant project which has been on-going since 2004 is now available. In 2004, Hepworth Acoustics was appointed by Defra to provide a fully up-to-date database of the noise produced by construction-type plant. The first part of the database was published in 2005. Now the final phase, relating to plant used in quarries, has been published.

Peter Hepworth: The new President of the Association of Noise Consultants

Peter Hepworth is the new President of the Association of Noise Consultants

Peter Hepworth is the new President of the Association of Noise Consultants

Hepworth Acoustics announces that Peter Hepworth, Director of Hepworth Acoustics has been elected as President of the Association of Noise Consultants at the annual general meeting of the Association. Peter has previously been Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Association, and the company has been a member of the Association for over 20 years.

Hepworth Acoustics Team Appointed by DEFRA for World's Largest Noise Map Calculation

Hepworth Acoustics has been appointed by Defra to produce the world's largest noise map. The map will cover urban areas, major roads and major railways across the whole of England. Hepworth Acoustics will collaborate on this major project with long time partners AcusticaDARH2 and Stapelfeldt.

Barking Puppies Lead to Sound Advice.

Acoustic experts are used to examining and alleviating the effect of noise in the workplace. (Institute of Acoustics press release).