Profile & History

Hepworth Acoustics was formed in 1990 by experienced acoustics consultant Peter Hepworth. Since then, Hepworth Acoustics has grown to be one of the leading independent acoustics consultancies in the UK. The company has a network of highly qualified consultants ready to help you, whatever your noise consultancy needs might be.

We provide a rigorously quality-controlled service using staff with many years of consultancy experience, to provide practical cost-effective advice.  We deal with many different market sectors and types of consultancy projects:

  • For new developments or refurbishments, we provide planning reports based on a detailed understanding of the information required by the planning authority;
  • For noise surveys or sound insulation testing, we will carry them out to the required standards as quickly and cost-effectively as possible;
  • Where there is a requirement for good internal acoustics, we will produce a cost effective design to achieve the required acoustic qualityfor building projects;
  • We provide experienced consultants to present the best case for your scheme at public inquiries, licensing cases or court hearings.

The company's philosophy is straightforward:

  • Speed of response;
  • Understanding the client's requirements;
  • High quality of advice;
  • Practical solutions;
  • Computer assisted design;
  • Good communication.

All of this is part of the process of providing high quality service.