Nationwide Noise Survey for Defra (Research).

Hepworth Acoustics carries out major nationwide noise survey for Defra.Hepworth Acoustics carries out major nationwide noise survey for Defra.

Following a tender exercise, Hepworth Acoustics was appointed to carry out a major research project for Defra to update the noise database for construction and quarry plant.

The project involved three stages. The first stage was to assess the relevance of data on noise levels contained in British Standard 5228: Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites. This review identified that most of the data came from 1970's survey data, much related to outdated plant and construction practices and the data was only presented as A-weighted data, there was no frequency data. The review also identified that there was no other comparable published database for UK plant.

mineralminingThe second stage of the project was to carry out noise surveys at a wide range of construction and demolition sites throughout the UK to measure noise levels from a representative sample of plant and activities. This involved over 1,500 individual measurements of nearly 400 different pieces of plant. Measurements were carried out of A-weighted and octave band noise levels. A considerable amount of work was involved in contacting construction companies to find suitable sites for the measurements, obtain the necessary permissions for carrying out the surveys and meeting all of the Health and Safety requirements on sites. The results of the measurements were presented in a database to provide a usable resource for noise practitioners.

A third stage was added to the project which involved extending the project to include quarry plant, and also involved Salford University Acoustics Research Unit to assess and verify the project methodology. The results of the project are published on the Defra website, and they have been submitted to the British Standards Institute for consideration at the next update of BS5228.